OC Surgical | Treatment of Dry Eye
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Treatment of Dry Eye

What Is Dry Eye

Dry eye is a physical condition of the eye where you either lack enough natural tears or have low quality tears. The eye naturally produces tears and lubricates your eye each time you blink. These tears act to reduce the possibility of receiving an infection, washing away any unwanted foreign matters, and moisturizing the cornea of the eye. If you suffer from dry eye you may feel like your eyes are burning or stinging, they may even feel gritty. Essentially you will feel as if your eye is dry and keeping them open for long periods of time will be very irritating. Here are some general symptoms of dry eye:

  • Increasingly irritated eyes later in the day and at nighttime
  • Trouble reading or looking at computer screens for an extended period of time
  • Constant blinking
  • Worsened vision throughout the day
  • Difficulty using contact lenses
  • Irritability in your eyes

What Causes Dry Eye

There are numerous factors that cause dry eye or worsen the condition. Because dry eyes can be extremely irritating and can potentially cause permanent damage to your eyes it is important to recognize the symptoms in order to treat the condition and take action to prevent further damage. Some of the most common causes of dry eye include:

  • Smoking
  • The use of contact lenses
  • Looking at an electronic screen for an extended period of time including a computer screen, television or mobile device
  • Certain medicines such as birth control, high blood pressure pills and medicines treating acne or allergies
  • Medical conditions including diabetes, rheumatoisarthriris and sjogren’s syndrome
  • Various factors of the environment including dry and windy weather as well as an excessive amount of heat or air conditioning at work or at home

Solutions for Dry Eye

Because dry eye can be so irritating and even debilitating with the potential of decreasing your quality of life it is important to know the solutions and treatments for dry eye. Some treatments may be for short-term relief and can be performed by yourself whereas others are long-term and must be performed by a professional.

Lifestyle changes:

  • Stay away from possible allergens
  • Avoid environments of excessive heat, wind, low humidity or high altitude
  • Receive plenty of sleep each night and drink an appropriate amount of water each day
  • Stop smoking and steer clear of any tobacco smoke
  • Reduce the time you spend on activities that increase staring for long periods-this includes watching television, reading and computer use
  • Eat more foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids. These foods include walnuts/walnut oil, flax seeds/flax seed oil, canola oil and fish/fish oils

Over The Counter Eye Drops:

  • Liquid drops, gels or ointments
  • Avoid any eye drops with the purpose of reducing redness as these cause more long-term harm

Prescription Medications:

  • After seeing a professional there are prescription medications you can take if you have severe dry eyes
  • Some medications are short-term and some are long-term, speaking with a professional can help you decide what is the best option for your condition

Surgical Options:

  • If your dry eye condition is extremely irritable you can treat your condition with a long-term solution through eye surgery
  • Punctual closure-this procedure consists of implanting a small device in the opening of your tear duct to stop tears from escaping and draining in to the nose
  • Conjunctival procedures-these different procedures can offer long-term relief to your dry eye condition

If you or someone you know suffers from dry eyes you can relieve the pain and irritability by contacting OC Surgical. At OC Surgical we will discuss your personal needs and find the best method of improving your quality of life, contact us at 714-647-1200.