Diabetic Exams
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Diabetic Exams

Diabetic Exams

Diabetes is a disease within the metabolic system that causes the body to be unable to create and/or produce enough insulin which results in increased levels of glucose in the blood.
10 Things to Know About Diabetes:

      1. Approximately 422 million people have diabetes
      2. Diabetes is a leading cause of death in the world
      3. There are two major forms of diabetes
      4. A less-common type of diabetes is gestational diabetes
      5. Type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1
      6. People can live long, healthy and fulfilling lives if their diabetes is detected and well-managed
      7. Early diagnosis and intervention is essential for living well with diabetes
      8. Most deaths that are diabetes-related occur in low and middle-income countries
      9. Diabetes can cause blindness, amputation and kidney failure
    10. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented

Types of Diabetes

There are several types of diabetes, some are more common, less severe or even preventable.
Type 1-type 1 diabetes is more often developed in younger people but can also develop in adults. People with type 1 diabetes no longer produce enough insulin, or any at all. This occurs when your immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin.

Type 2-type 2 diabetes occurs more often in adults than children, yet can still develop at a young age. Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than type 1 and usually is seen in middle-aged adults who are inactive or overweight. This type of diabetes occurs when your body becomes resistant to insulin because fat, muscle and liver cells stop carrying glucose throughout the body for energy.

Gestational-gestational diabetes is the least common form of diabetes but is becoming more and more prevalent. Gestational diabetes can form throughout a woman’s pregnancy because some hormones have been found to lead to the resistance of insulin. Overweight women or women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy are more likely to acquire gestational diabetes.

Why should I have a Diabetic Exam

It is important to have a diabetic exam in order to ensure early diagnosis and prevention of further damage and potential permanent harm to your body. Diabetes causes many other conditions and illnesses including vision loss, amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. For these reasons it is crucial to identify your condition and maintain your diabetes as you live your life.

Contact OC Surgical at 714-647-1200 for more information on how you can receive a diabetic exam.