Brow Lift
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Brow Lift


Raising the eyebrows to a more natural appearing position can refresh the face and greatly enhance the appearance of the eyes.


ThermaCool Skin Lift procedure is a non-surgical approach to raising the eyebrows. There is no downtime and results begin to show in days to weeks and complete results are usually visible in several months.


The Endoscopic Brow-lift is a popular and effective approach for elevating low and heavy eyebrows. A sagging eyebrow creates a tired and unhappy look. In women, low eyebrows can give a masculine look.


This procedure is done through several small incisions in the hair-bearing scalp. The forehead tissue in loosened and elevated to result in the eyebrows being re-positioned to a more pleasing, higher place. We commonly associate a higher eyebrow position with youth. The “down-time” is one week. The post operative pain and discomfort is minimal.