Premium Vision Cataract Surgery
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Premium Vision Cataract Surgery

OC Surgical specializes in offering a premium cataract surgery experience by providing the most state-of-the-art, safe and affordable technology, unsurpassed patient care, and outstanding results.

A cataract develops as part of the normal aging process.  It is very normal to develop cataracts as part of the normal aging process.  But as they worsen, they can seriously interfere with many of the activities that people enjoy.  Thankfully the solution is simple: surgical removal of your clouded lens and restoring your vision with a clear, intraocular lens.

Nowadays you have more choices than ever before. During your consultation with the surgeons at OC Surigcal they will discuss with you options.  Some of those options include electing to have a premium lens implant or a traditional monofocal implant. The latest advancements in intraocular lens (IOL) can not only relieve you of cataracts but also help you see near, far, and everywhere in between, with reduced or zero dependence on glasses or contacts.

Along with the advanced technology IOLs, OC Surgical offers a safe and innovative alternative to traditional cataract surgery: All-laser cataract surgery. This cutting-edge technique is incredibly precise, giving our patients peace of mind throughout their procedure. It can also be customized for each individual, offering a broader range of options for better vision. Laser cataract surgery is unique because it uses the same bladeless technology that has been employed for more than a decade with LASIK. This procedure provides unprecedented precision and predictability.

With your lifestyle IOL and laser cataract procedure in place, you are on your way to a quick recovery and amazing visual results.

If you’ve been told you have cataracts, you owe it to yourself to call us at (714) 647-1200 to book your exam with our team of cataract experts today.